The Role of Technology in Land Acquisition

Satellite view of a town and how it is connected by networks of internet..

Rapid technological advancements have paved the way for a new model of land acquisition; one that identifies off-market opportunities, undertakes personalised landowner outreach, conducts planning viability reports and progresses deal flow – all of which can be done at scale across a breadth of sectors. Frustrated with the typical agency model, Dan Robinson founded VirginLand […]

It’s time to democratise the land market

The UK housing market has reached a crisis point. The availability of new housing is severely lagging behind demand, and the rising cost of housing disproportionately affects those on lower incomes. Recent economic statements have reminded us that repeated calls for meaningful planning reform, the most reliable guarantee of quicker and more housing supply, are not […]

Government releases new electric vehicle infrastructure strategy

Back in March 2022 the UK Government announced its new Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Strategy. It details the vision and action plan of the government for the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK. According to the government, they intend to achieve the EV infrastructure goals before the phase-out dates. The vision is […]

Get Britain building

Recent announcements that include changes to the stamp duty thresholds and the potential introduction of investment zones have sceptically been received as positive within the development sector and opposed as an attack on nature by environmental groups. It does seem somewhat premature to rush to judgement on both counts. There has been historical discussion of […]

Putting landowners first

House Key

At VirginLand by Ringley, we strive to deliver win-win-win scenarios that benefit landowner, community and client. The traditional agency model does not always take a landowner’s best interests into consideration – and often landowners find themselves incurring up-front professional fees to assess the viability and potential planning gain of their land/site before being able to […]

The rising cost of construction in a changing landscape

Greenfield construction site for an aerial view where some houses have been built and some are still getting built.

From the cost of petrol to a can of coca cola; we are all feeling the rising cost of living. The causes are wide ranging and include quantitative easing, the global recovery from covid, impacts of Brexit and war in Ukraine. These factors have culminated in us all now feeling the economic pinch; and the […]

Gove’s lasting legacy for the rental sector

Michael Gove gets photographed in London

The residential sector will be wondering what’s next as the political chaos ensues. Prime ministerial race to one side, Michael Gove’s departure and the appointment of Greg Clark is a significant one for a number of reasons.

Ringley launches outsourced land department

VirginLand Transparent White Logo

Asset and property manager Ringley Group has launched VirginLand, its latest technology-driven business to boost housing delivery and support investors looking to enter the UK residential market.