Putting landowners first

At VirginLand by Ringley, we strive to deliver win-win-win scenarios that benefit landowner, community and client.

The traditional agency model does not always take a landowner’s best interests into consideration – and often landowners find themselves incurring up-front professional fees to assess the viability and potential planning gain of their land/site before being able to accurately ascertain what a fair valuation might be.

With VirginLand by Ringley, there is no need for landowners to pay architects, planning consultants and other professionals. Moreover, VirginLand by Ringley allow landowners to sell their land/site with zero selling fees. A solution that appears to be striking a chord with landowners up and down the country.

Our trusted team of property professionals are well placed to support you through the process – keeping you informed along the way and willingly translating esoteric development-jargon into plain flavoured English to ensure that you, the landowner, have the knowledge and confidence with which to make an informed decision.

Our retained clients have varied, but very specific requirements across a number of real estate sectors – and if you have received a letter from VirginLand by Ringley, it is because your land/site has been accurately matched with one of our clients’ requirements, and they have expressed an active interest in bringing forward an offer.

We can explore flexible deal structures; looking at both unconditional and conditional contracts, options, joint ventures and leaseback arrangements amongst others regardless of your land/site’s planning status (rejected planning application? Don’t worry).

It’s our job to unlock the full potential of your land; and we invite you to challenge our planning team to weigh up the value of alternative uses for your land today.

No fees, no charges, full discretion – it’s the VirginLand by Ringley way.

By Daniel Robinson