Become an EV charging destination with GRIDSERVE

The EV revolution is here. Are you ready?

Learn more about GRIDSERVE and the benefits that it can bring to your site from Founder, Toddington Harper.

Learn more about GRIDSERVE and the benefits that it can bring to your site.

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Did you receive a letter from us?

GRIDSERVE are looking to install more EV chargers across the UK, and the team approached us (VirginLand) with a specific requirement.

We have identified your site as being a compatible match and are delighted to let you know that GRIDSERVE have an active interest in making you an offer.

Get in touch!

I’m Charles, and I’d be delighted to hear from you. I’m here to answer your questions, and with your permission, introduce you to the team at GRIDSERVE.

Charles Youngs
Land Director, VirginLand
0203 527 5746

Why install EV chargers at your location?

GRIDSERVE EV charging hubs are industry-leading and prominently listed on all major EV charging maps, helping raise awareness around your destination to new drivers.

Industry research shows that the installation of EV chargers in prominent areas of retail, leisure or service area sites helps to increase customer dwell time, customer retention and average spend per customer.

GRIDSERVE is the only charge point provider investing in its own hybrid solar farms to power its EV charging network. Your support of this net zero carbon infrastructure will improve Corporate Social Responsibility metrics and be recognised by your customers and commercial tenants.

Partnering with an EV charging specialist means you can invest without any up-front CapEx. In a fully-funded model, GRIDSERVE pays for the design, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of your site.

As we continue to experience double-digit annual growth in electric vehicle registrations, our reliance on public EV charging will only increase – particularly for the estimated 40% of UK drivers who have no ability to charge at home.

GRIDSERVE is proudly working with

Mollie's Diner

Mollie’s is a growing family of restaurants that are modernising the classic American diner experience, albeit with better coffee and a suitably British twist. The company required a scalable and sustainably-powered EV charging solution, so we developed a future-proofed folio of EV chargers that support both restaurant goers and overnight residents at the adjacent Mollie’s Motel.

Dobbies Garden Centres

Dobbies was originally founded in 1865 and is today the UK’s leading garden centre retailer. The company continues to push its environmentally-friendly credentials, with initiatives including peat-free compost, biodegradable planters and EV charging stations to be installed across its most popular sites, from Aberdeen to Ashford.